Saturday, 12 May 2012

We made it .....

Hello.  I have missed you all.  I would have been back sooner but I only found the camera cable tonight - ah, the joys of moving house and unpacking ..... although we still have quite a few boxes to get through.  So, here we are.  Once up the drive it's not so hard to see the house for the trees!

 Trees to the front of us

 and trees behind.  They do make fabulous sturdy poles for the washing line.

Once we cleared some of the piles of seasoned limbs, cut them into logs and stacked them neatly on the verandah at the back door, we began felling trees.  I think we have cut down 6 or 7 now but it's a slow job and heavy work, plus you have to find somewhere to put it all that is not in the way of trees that have yet to come down.  Those nearest the house are about 60ft high and will require professional felling because they really are VERY close and leaning towards it .... and I'm not sure we want a giant hole in the roof. 

Treasure has been discovered.  It's some sort of old agricultural iron tank of unidentifiable purpose.  Fergus has decided it's a bomb, dropped in WW2.  He is chuffed to bits because it is large and the hole it lies in is HUGE, which means that there is slightly less digging to be done to create a life size (yes, I know, I groaned silently too!) WW1 trench, complete with dugout.  Still there is enough space for us all to achieve our garden dreams.

 Between us and the big wood  is an area of 'clear fell'.  This is a fabulous habitat for all sorts of wildlife.  On our first morning, we sat at the table, drinking coffee and watching deer and listened to the birds. I haven't heard such bird song for years.  Perthshire, where we lived before is so heavily farmed, large tracts of arable fields that aren't so conducive to bird life.  A red kite is nesting nearby and he flies right over the house most days.  We have seen red squirrels and the neighbours had a pine marten in their garden recently.  Pheasants abound and drive the dogs to distraction.

Right, I am looking forward to catching up with some of the lovely blogs out there.  Much reading ahead.  So glad I found the camera cable.  See you next week.

Katie x


  1. Yuk. Other peoples's dirt. Nuff said...
    But now it is all spick and span and GORGEOUS. So so jealous of your log stack and wildlife and greenness and washing line and clean house.
    Here's to many happy times there. So glad you found the camera cable. You are back!

  2. It looks idyllic Katie and will be fabulous when all the trees are in leaf. Hope you and your family will be very happy in your new home.
    Thank you for your lovely would love the shop in Bedale.
    Julie x

  3. It looks an interesting house, I can't wait to see inside. I love the photo of the wood stacked on the porch. I take it you do have a woodburning stove in there! It's a great time of year to start off in your new home.

  4. OMG!! Is that heaven on earth? so so so so beautiful, how lucky are you! What area is it roughly, obviously no address is required :) otherwise I think you'd be having a few visitors! I'm almost speechless it's just lovely. Sorry I'm gushing, but.......x

  5. Oh Katie!what a great looking home and in such a beautiful spot...lucky you!
    Missed you but bet your glad that bits over. looking forward to the tour of the interior when you get sorted.

  6. WOW, your house looks amazing, I would love to live somewhere like that. I love your washing lines. It is lovely to see you back again.

    Lou xxx

  7. What a fabulous house, although I can imagine you hoovering dog hair up with a look of determination and gritted teeth. It looks the perfect spot for your boys, less time to sit in front of a computer and more to get out and have fun in the fresh air. I am looking forward to posts about the ongoing make-over of the house, you were planning to let us all in on that weren't you. x

  8. Oh my, your house looks as though it is set in paradise ... it looks like just the sort of place I dream about. Wishing you many happy days in your new home. M x

  9. the house and setting look wonderful.

  10. Absolutely enchanting! I am looking forward to your update next week! Perhaps some pictures of the inside now that you have found that camera cable to enchant us even more with your beautiful home?

  11. What a peaceful looking spot, just wonderful. You are certainly ready for chilly evenings with that lovely looking stach of firewood. Can't wait to see more x

  12. What a beautiful house you live in, and such a lovely place too. Just found your blog and have lots of catching up to so. Your photos are great!

  13. Gorgeous house - wishing you many happy years in your new home xx


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