Sunday, 18 November 2012

keeping shop

Hello everyone.  How are you all?  It has been hectic here at the Vintage Squirrel studio but I know that I am not unique in the busy stakes, as every family feels over active at this time of year.  I do enjoy the run up to Christmas and LOVE the day itself.

So, what has been happening up here in the Highlands?  The 'Grand Opening' went well, so well in fact that I had little stock left for the fair I attented a week later but after many late nights and early mornings, I managed to create just enough. Phew, it was a close thing I can tell you!  Robins and plum puddings have sold out over and over again, as per usual, and the order book which has been open for a while now is filling up rapidly.  Almost ran out of Shetland wool but Laura came to my rescue.

Annie Sloan paint has been flying off the shelves.  It's lovely to see what other people have painted, to find out what colours are popular here and to hear how much folk are enjoying using the paint.  I have been busy using it myself and just love it's flexibility and the fact you can create your own colours by mixing the paint.  You can even make coloured wax.  Brilliant!

I had fun yesterday with Beano comics.  Fergus managed reluctantly to part with his most dog-eared two and I immediately got to work and six hours later finished covering a vintage child's chair.  Labour of love but I did giggle a lot and had forgotten just how much I enjoyed reading it!

I love having a dedicated studio space and having removed all my 'stuff ' from the house, we now have some empty cupboards, which I am certain won't stay like that for long.  The studio, however, is full to bursting and I may have to increase work space and reduce the shop area.  I can't believe how much creative baggage I carried around!

What does this week hold?  I will be making some robins and plum puddings of course but have printed some antique cotton sheet from which I am making Scandinavian inspired Christmas tree decorations, which hopefully will turn out as I envisaged.  Doesn't always work out that way though, does it?  Happy creating everyone.

Lots of love,
Katie x


  1. Hi Katie
    Your shop and workspace sound fantastic - really inspiring to know you are following your crafting dreams. Busy here too in Yorkshire, blooming day job gets in the way of my artistic pursuits, but trying to make my Christmas pressies and amass enough stock for some fairs and shopping events.
    Your felted robin is beautiful, love his cute little eyes, not so keen on Mr Earwig though!
    Take care
    Sally x

  2. It's frustrating to have to work round your day job Sally but I hope all the fairs that you are attending go well for you. Robin ate Mr Earwig for lunch, so no need to concern yourself!
    Katie x

  3. Hi Katie, good to hear your grand opening went so well and that everything is a big success! Very inspiring to see all that you have done, especially love seeing your furniture adventures. I'm glad I have discovered your facebook page now. Lesley x

  4. Hello Lesley, how are you? Thanks for your lovely comment. Facebook is great when time is short, isn't it? So easy to pop a photo on and a few words and although I love blogging, it takes hours and it isn't easy to devote that much time. Kx

  5. Having purchased both a hand-felted Robyn and several pots of Annie Sloan paint I can vouch for how wonderful they are. Your shop looks amazing. Please start doing mail order!

  6. oops - I meant robin of course. Reminds me of the woman on Bake Off who iced Sasha on her sacher torte!

  7. Hello Loubylou. I knew you meant robin and indeed remember the day you came to the HH fair ... gosh that was a long drive for you and I so appreciated it. That was such a funny moment on GBBO. Did you watch the Junior Masterchef final tonight? Amazing children and as young as 11 years old .... puts many adults to shame, I'm sure, Hope you are well. Kx

  8. Even with my studio I still have treasure all over the house, though my husband doesn't call it treasure! I have to keep the studio tidy for holding classes, can't have people climbing over piles of fabric!
    You robin is very cute - hope he enjoyed his lunch :) x


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